Internship Blog #5

It’s been a busy few days at the SEO Premier office. I arrived to an empty office on Tuesday the 24th and spent the day- and the next day- building flat pack IKEA furniture. I also filmed everything that was going on and made the first of a two-part video series showcasing the office and the fit-out process. Part 1 is now online and can be viewed here. What this means is that we can settle in to the office and get into it.

The first order of business was to write the month one report for a new client with Joe. This means going into greater detail to give the initial explanation as to what the SEO work we have been doing has achieved for their company. Fortunately, our job was made easier by the fact that the analytics were fantastic for the first month; there were huge ranking increases for all keywords as well as more traffic on the clients’ site. At the beginning of the campaign, only a quarter of their 30 keywords placed on the first page. After just one month, all 30 were in the top ten. Better yet, a third of the keywords now rank in the top three, which as you can see from the chart below is vital in increasing traffic flow.

Google Traffic Chart

We were also able to show the client exactly what this improvement in results was doing for their website. By using Google Analytics, we highlighted that the number of sessions on the website are up by over 60%, the number of new users has increased and that page views have increased by almost 40%. These are all great things to be able to tell a new client, as they are testament to the SEO work being done both on-site and off-site.

Analytics 010714

After Joe met with the client and presented the month one report, they decided that they wanted to add another 20 keywords to their campaign. To do this, I was introduced to the Google AdWords program, which shows how many people are searching for various keywords each month and also suggests other related keywords. We went through the original keywords, thought up some new ones and looked at the figures, as well as using some of the suggested keywords. We then cut down the list to 20 based on how relevant they were to the client and how many people were searching for them each month.

One other factor we also looked at was how the client ranked by searching the new keywords, and cutting ones in which they were already in the top three. The fact that the client already ranked highly in so many of the new keywords was due to the SEO work building such a strong online presence for their website that it appeared in almost every search relating to their services. This is another positive to be able to tell the client, as well as showing them the new list of keywords that they will rank highly with in the near future.

Now that we are in the office full time, I will learn how to become active on SEO Premier’s social media sites and that, among other things, will be the subject of my next internship blog.

 -Richie Tomlinson


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