Internship Blog #4

Last week I wrote about the research and planning that takes part behind the scenes before meetings with clients. This week, I had the opportunity to be a part of a meeting, and while it was intended to be an exercising in listening and learning, I was also able to share a few of my own suggestions. Also, I was handed the social media reigns and had my first taste at being in control of SEO Premier’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, as well as their website.

The meeting was held at the client’s home office and the informal, relaxed atmosphere made it easy to brainstorm and exchange ideas. The main issue expressed by the client was that customers are viewing the website on smartphones, and since the site isn’t optimised for these devices, were leaving before engaging. We discussed a website restructure and restyle, which would then translate into a mobile optimised site that would be more inviting for customers and greatly improve the user experience. There were also several formatting changes that were agreed upon, as well as making the social media and contact links better situated and more prominent on the landing page.

The end result was that we would take into account everything that was discussed and team up with SEO Premier’s web developer to draw up a draft website covering all three platforms; desktop, mobile and tablet. From here we will go back to the client, tweak any minor changes that need to be made and then once the design is agreed upon the website rebuild will commence. Since this is my first experience with a client, I will continue to document the journey we take to achieving the goal of getting visitors to stay on the site longer and engage with it, resulting in more business for the client.

Also this week, I was given administrator access to SEO Premier’s website and social media outlets. My first task was to upload last week’s internship blog to the website, and then share it on each of the company’s social media pages. In uni this year we used Hootsuite to bulk share posts across a number of social media outlets, and Joe thought this would be a practical service to take advantage of. It is a useful tool for company’s and brands that have multiple social media outlets that want to post the same status or share the same object or link across all of them.

After publishing the internship blog to the website, I scheduled a status with the link attached to post across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time. The posts appeared at the right time on all platforms, but I forgot to put hash tags in the Twitter post and needed to change the blog photo. I learnt from this and scheduled SEO Premier’s weekly blog (this week reviewing Google My Business, which can be found here) for 7 p.m. that night and all went to plan.

This week SEO Premier will be making the move into its’ new office, so I’m looking forward to being able to write the next blog instalment from my work desk.

-Richie Tomlinson


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