Internship Blog #3

Originally, this blog was going to be about the first client meeting that I was a part of. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the meeting was postponed (through no fault of the company or the client). So, that blog topic will have to wait. However, there is a lot of behind the scenes work done by SEO Premier in terms of preparation leading up to the meeting, and this will instead be the subject of this week’s blog.

The client we had organised the meeting with has been with SEO Premier for over 18 months, and while keyword rankings had improved and did their job bringing traffic to the site, there was a problem. The exit and bounce rates were high and the session times were low. Put simply, this means that while a lot of people were visiting, many of them exited before properly engaging with the site.

There are several reasons that this is happening, but after doing a bit of research, we were able to pinpoint the problem. The website does a good job of displaying the client’s products and services- which are of a very high quality- but relevant information was sometimes hard to find and there were quite a few formatting and style issues. Some things I noticed after navigating the site were:

  • Categories were not consistent across the site. There are five main product categories, but only four of these were displayed on the Home page and just three described on the Pricing page.
  • Font colours, sizes and justification differed on occasion. This makes the website appear less professional and hinders the user experience.
  • The link to their social media page wasn’t positioned well, and looked out of place on the home page.

Once the problems were found, the next step was to figure out how to fix them. Any suggestions would have to be justified by explaining how these would stop visitors from leaving the site prematurely. The first was to fix any formatting issues, make the service categories consistent across the site and figure out a better way of putting the social media links on the home page. These changes will simply improve the user experience. The second suggestion was to put the contact form onto the home page. Since the client does not sell anything online, their desired outcome for visitors entering the website is to contact them, so I suggested the contact form be placed on the home page, as this is where most traffic was being directed from search engines.

I will be able to discuss whether the suggestions were taken on board and the outcome of the website renovations in a future blog. Next week though, we are moving into the new office and really getting down to business, so I’m sure there will be a lot to write about.

-Richie Tomlinson


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