Internship Blog #10

Earlier this week, I received an email from UWS saying that I had only 67 hours to go on my internship, meaning I’ve already done 173 hours. It came as a shock to me because while I feel like a part of the SEO Premier team now, I still get the sense that the journey is only just beginning.

I’m well into the swing of uni life now having started a few weeks ago, but it’s almost impossible to think of my internship as just another unit. I’m only at uni one day a week and at the SEO Premier office two or three days a week, so I’ve gotten into the mindset that putting everything I’ve got into my internship is essential. Then I need to find an extra 110% to ace my uni studies, easy right?

At the end of July we hit 500 followers on Twitter, and Joe set me the challenge of hitting 1000 followers by the end of August. I’ll be honest, having only about 650 midway through the month made me think that I wasn’t the man for the job, but a little bit of innovation and effort goes a long way and as of this minute we have 916 and still five days left in the month! Watch our social media channels over the coming days because hopefully I’ll be broadcasting the news that we’ve hit our milestone before the weekend.

Another thing that I’ve been asked to organise is a sort of introductory-housewarming-business-community-get together-networking-group-event-party (we’re still working on a good name). Fortunately I won’t be alone in the organisation process, as Joe and Chau are seasoned networkers and know the dos and don’ts for such events. We plan to hold it at our office and aim to have 50+ representatives from businesses around Parramatta having a drink and socialising in a not-too-formal setting.

I’ve been busy creating a database of email addresses of businesses in the area, as well as doing a bit of background research on running these types of events successfully. Hopefully Chau and I can sit down early next week and design invitations to email and drop in letterboxes so that we can get a guest list made as soon as possible. At this stage we are planning on having the event on Friday the 26th of September, which is enough time to plan a great event but not enough time to procrastinate.

Next week I’ll have my hands full with reports, as most of them are due on the first of the month. As always though, there will be a lot more that needs to be done but I believe I’ll be up to the task. It’s crunch time if I want to prove that I should be here after my 67 hours is up.

-Richie Tomlinson