Internship Blog #1

My name is Richie Tomlinson and this is the first in a series of weekly blogs where I will write about my experiences as an intern for SEO Premier. Since these will be written as I make my way through the internship, they will not so much be reflections but updates on the various roles I undertake and how they (hopefully) contribute to the company.

I’ll start by briefly explaining how I got to the stage of applying for the internship. After graduating from High School in 2010, I took a gap year before doing a Bachelor of Communications at the University of Western Sydney. I am currently in my third and final year, and having majored in Advertising and sub-majored in Journalism, hoped to land a job in the marketing/ advertising world. For my last semester, I am required to complete an Internship, and after reading through countless internship applications, one in particular caught my eye. The role as Digital Account Executive for SEO Premier looked like something I would be interested in, and the desired criteria matched my skillset.

The applications for the internship closed at Midnight on the day I read the email, so I got my act together and sent in everything that was required. One week and one interview later, I landed the role (yes!). When I say interview, it was far from the interrogation I was expecting. I met the Managing Director Joe for coffee (hot chocolate) and we had a chat about what I’ve done in the past, what the company does and what is expected of me.

Since then we’ve exchanged emails and met up again to learn more about exactly what SEO is and how to write up the report that is sent to clients showing how their keyword rankings have fared in the previous month. Joe has also sent through heaps of resources that I can use to get my head around things before I officially start my internship on the 1st July. One that I read cover to cover and helped me to understand the basics of SEO was The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz.

The monthly reports that are sent out to clients are created in InDesign, and as I was new to the program I watched a few tutorials. The best thing I found though was to just jump in and play around with it, as it’s well set out and easy enough to get used to.

This week, Joe and I will be meeting up to look at the analysis side of things, as that will be the bulk of what I do. One useful resource I found myself that has given me an idea of what Google Analytics can do and how it works is the Google Analytics Platform Principles course.

Over the coming weeks I’ll get the chance to meet the whole SEO Premier team and I’m sure they also share the same passion for what they do that Joe does and I’m confident I will settle into both my internship role and the SEO Premier family. I have enjoyed my short time here so far, and if things continue down the same path then I’m very excited for the future.

-Richie Tomlinson



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