Influencer collaborators with companies – Ecosa Mattress Review

As a social media influencer, we have the opportunity to give real insights into products and showcase brands in a way that we know our audiences will be interested in.

In the United States, any transaction between an influencer and a company must be stated as advertising. In Australia, the laws around influencer marketing has not yet been defined by the judiciary. Ethically it is up to the influencer to state whether their posts are indeed an #ad, #sponsored, or a #collaboration. However, as Von Muenster’s – a solicitor and attorney company – states:

 “The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is the Federal Government regulator looking after the interests of consumers and competition in the Australian market place. They administer the Competition & Consumer Act 2010 and this act contains the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) which applies to the commercial practices of any person, company or business in Australia. The ACL prohibits misleading or deceptive conduct and specific product misrepresentations including testimonials (Section 18 and 29).  This is the only generally applicable law at this time that would require social influencers to disclose rewards and commercial connections for posts. A brand or business would only need to do so if, in the circumstances, it would be misleading or deceptive or a misrepresentation NOT to disclose rewards and commercial connections for posts.”

So there is a lot of grey area in Australia when it comes to influencer marketing. But one thing is certain, influencer marketing is steadily rising, and has been for a few years now. Did you know that 52% of online advertisers user influencer marketing?

Just this week I had the upmost pleasure of collaborating with Ecosa. Ecosa is a wonderful Australian company who manufacturers high quality mattresses for Australians young, old, and every age in between. As mentioned before, it is illegal to mislead, be deceptive, or misrepresent a brand or a transaction. So yes, all the information I will be releasing in my video review will be accurate information, based on facts and personal opinion. A preview of this review can be found here  .

So what did I think of Ecosa?

First of all, let me state my prior mattress situation. I had a queen-sized mattress, and a leather frame that fits a queen sized bed which I share with my fiancé. It was an alright mattress, nothing special. My fiancé hated it as he thought it was too firm and would often have trouble getting comfy.

Now last week we had the opportunity to get a new mattress from Ecosa. Of course yes! We looked up their website to ensure that this decision would be mutually beneficial and we wouldn’t be stuck with some cheap, hard mattress. Our only concern was that we were unsure of the height of the mattress due to the lack of dimensions provided.

Fast forward to the arrival of the mattress. We were given a tracking number, got a phone call to schedule what time we would like the delivery, and ta-da! It was actually delivered during that period in a neat little box that was easy to manoeuvre.

So we set open the box, and the contents were: a welcome pack, a brochure, a tool to help cut open the packing, and a note that says to sleep well. There was a disclaimer to allow up to a few hours for the memory foam to fully spring up so we were a bit worried because we had filming to do. But thankfully, as soon as we cut open the packaging, the mattress sprung up and felt like heaven.

No joke, it was such a soft feeling mattress, but was firm. The perfect balance. I had a good ol’ time hopping, jumping, and even doing some mattress angels and still Ecosa kept its promise for how durable, and supportive the mattress would be.

I was more thank happy, but I had to make sure it passed the fiancé test. He was fast asleep!


Written by Bernice Abuan

Digital Account Executive

Instagram: bunnybernice

Youtube: bunnybernice