IGTV to take on YouTube

There’s no denying the Mark Zuckerberg is king of social media. With Facebook and Instagram under his belt, Zuckerberg owns two of the most popular platforms, with updated features such as Instagram stories eclipsing the likes of Snapchat.


But the one thing missing from Zuckerberg’s kingdom was a video-sharing and viewing platform, such as YouTube. That was until a few days ago. Instagram has just unveiled their latest update – IGTV, which isn’t as much an update but it’s own independent app.


IGTV allows users to upload and view long-form videos, differing it from the existing short-form Instagram story format. Instagram’s for IGTV is clear, they’re looking to compete with YouTube as they encourage Instagram influencers to create content on their latest platform.


Instagram has announced this week that they now have 1 billion active users, making them the fastest growing social network. So there’s no denying that YouTube with its 1.3 billion active users has some pretty serious competition.


IGTV is still in its early stages so we’re yet to see it’s full potential, but this new app is definitely one to watch.

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