Guide to expanded text ads and an Instagram drop

How to write the perfect expanded text ad

Having only been developed in early 2016, SEO Premier reported last week that expanded text ads account for a total 29% of total advertising spend. So how do expanded text ads work and what’s the best formula for the perfect expanded text ad.



Take advantage of this new format to write a completely new ad. Rather than just adding a few extra words onto already existing content, completely revamp the text. This is an opportunity for you to distinguish your business at first glance.



It’s called an expanded text ad for a reason; there is expanded space for more text. Use the extra space as longer text ads convert better, not only on desktops but also on mobiles. Because there is more content, users are taking the time to read advertisements rather than just clicking the headline.



Yes you have the space to write more, but make sure that what you’re writing counts, don’t just fill up the space for the sake of it. Choose words carefully, users are more respondent to some phrases or words than others.


Consider what potential customers look for in your site, this is a chance for you to target exactly what they’re looking for, whether it be discounts, price, shipping or testimonials, these all elements to consider when developing your expanded text ad.




Instagram interaction rate drops

A recent Quintly report has indicated that over the past year Instagram interaction rates have dropped by 33%. This measure of interaction is based purely on likes and comments on images and videos.

Each analysis is categorised into the average number of followers and account has. The largest decrease in interaction occurs within the 10m+ followers category with a 39% drop in overall interaction for images and a 62% decrease interaction for videos.

The category that experienced least change is the 1-1k followers, in which there was no change for image interaction, but a slight 13% decrease in video interaction. These groups tend to be private profiles who have a more direct relationship with their following base, therefore the interaction remains constant.

The category within the 10m+ followers are most likely impacted as Instagram users are increasingly bombarded with advertisements and therefore less likely to engage with brands on Instagram as posts become more contrived and manufactured.

In order for your business to stay relevant and maintain interaction with its users, ensure that your posts are as authentic as possible. Rather than trying to sell a product, showcase the brand instead. Let your audience know who you are as a business, provide a behind the scenes preview and make sure that you stay updated with trends and terminology.

Just because average interaction has decreased, it doesn’t mean that your brand’s needs to as well!

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