Google takes on Amazon, and also brings back a favourite!

Google hands out Pass or Fail 

More and more people are accessing the web through through mobile phones, and Google has already told us that the updated algorithm holds a special prefer over mobile optimised websites. We previously reported that websites that the algorithm “increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.” So long to trying to find something on Google and ending up on pages that use up all your mobile data, or take too long to load!

To assist businesses, Google has relaunched it’s Mobile Friendly Test which you can use from Google Search Console, or by clicking here. The Mobile Friendly Test is just that, tests how mobile-friendly your website is.

Pretty neat?

It’s so good, it even works on your smart phones so you can optimise on the go! The differences between the new and it’s former self is that it looks cleaner, more spacious, and faster.

Google Virtual Home Assistant

At the annual developers conference in Silicon Valley, Product Manager Mario Queiroz has unveiled Google Home.

Already pretty much ruling the digital world, Google’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai had said the following:

“Our ability to do conversational understanding is far ahead of what other virtual assistants can do. We are an order of magnitude ahead of everyone else. When I walk into my house, I should be able to interact with Google assistant hands-free, using voice, without taking out my phone. Google Home will become more and more a control centre for your whole home.”

While the impending pricing has not been revealed, Queiroz explained Google Home synchs with your Chromecast devices to provide remote control over your entertainment systems, and other smart Google devices. Google Home can even answer your questions as it delves into Google’s search and artificial intelligence.

Amazon has already released their own version prior called Echo which works with their virtual assistant named Alexa.

Geoff Blaber from the CCS Insight consultancy has weighed in on the competitors by saying Alexa is well ahead in terms of third-party integration, but lacks Google’s search engines component.

Will Apple be next?

Written by Bernice Abuan