Google tackles scammers and protects small businesses

The other week at SEO Premier we heard a knock on our door. We opened it to find a man asking to verify our address for Google Maps because apparently searchers were having trouble finding not only our address but surrounding addresses due to the buildings being grouped so close together.


And while this was a professional and non-intrusive experience the same cannot be said for all businesses that come in contact with Google. Or, perhaps I should say “Google”.


In response to a continued fight against scammers, Google has announced a new set of initiatives to combat false representations. This move comes in response to scammers making contact with small businesses claiming to work for Google, offering them paid services that Google would normally offer for free.


Whilst Google has taken legal action against these false entities, they have also established guidelines in order to protect businesses in a recent blog post, recommending businesses to:

  • Verify whether someone is actually reaching out from Google
  • Claim your business for free using Google My Business
  • Know what’s possible and what’s not possible
  • Report unwanted callers
  • Register your number with a Do Not Call Registry


In addition to this, the search engine is also developing initiatives to better report practices as well as provide resources to business owners to assist in protecting their business.

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