Google Groundhog Day. Algorithm changes, every day.

And if you don’t know, now you know!

Google releases one, (if not more) updates to their algorithm every single day to help improve your search results. Pretty much Groundhog Day but for Google. Oh! And they get more complicated every day! Whether it be the slightest alteration or a larger core update, Google is constantly changing their algorithm.

So how do you keep your page ranking high? Just keep up the GOOD work.

In three easy steps:

Research, alter and offer value.


Google LOVE a surprise algorithm change, just to spice up the lives of us working in the SEO field.

As an SEO focused digital agency, we’ve seen it all before, and we are completely prepared for anything Google has to throw at us. However, if you are managing your own SEO, it’s important to recognise that a bit of research can go a long way!

Spend your money wisely. Research and understand what Google Ads can offer you exactly before putting money on it. Sure, if you invest in Google and they’ll give back to you (as long as you’re investing in the right space). If you need help with this, getting in contact with an SEO company is a step in the right direction, and they can align your needs to your budget.


Create quality content that engages with your target audience. Keep your website up to date, constantly review and make sure it’s relevant. Assess the content you post, focus on your audience and the outcome will be your website leading the search engine results.

Offer value

Enrich people whether you are offering a service, a product or simply building connection. Sit back and think what am I truly offering a consumer? Are you teaching them something new in your content? Perhaps sharing a blog that’s worth the read?

Work on offering valuable content to your audience. Here’s the big secret: There is only one thing beat Google algorithms, and that is the audience themselves. Searchers will click what is most relevant to them, so listen to their searches. Research, alter and offer value not to suit Google, but to suit your audience.

Written by Haley Evirgen – Content & Social Media Executive

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