Google gets sued, and what’s a newspaper?

Florida Sues Google

In Florida, E-ventures WorldWide LLC who has five global offices, tried sueing Google over deleting its websites form the Google Search Index, and blocking them from creating any new websites.

Just remember to five years ago, when Google removed over 11 MILLION websites from it’s database overnight, claiming they were of low quality or spam.

E-Ventures claims “a third party with a personal vendetta against e-ventures caused Google to receive false information” and deleted their websites. five days after their websites were deleted, another 365 websites were deleted on the grounds that they were “spam”, but E-Ventures claims “that sites were removed because they were affiliated with e-ventures”.

The case was dismissed by the judge.

We turn to Social Media more for news, tv is old news

Pew Research Centre is at it again with more insightful research! They surveyed 4600 people and sound that 62% get their news from social media.

With 1.6 billion monthly users worldwide, Facebook was declared the leading source for news among social media sites, beating Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. Yet, 39% of Facebook users still turn to traditional news for further news. However proportionally, 70% of Reddit users use Reddit as their primarily news source, yet has less users than Facebook.

Surprisingly, 19% of Snapchat users use the platforms as their news source!

The  Metropolitan Museum’s Chief Digital Officer, Sreenivasan, says that this research proves to businesses “about the importance of being on various platforms and connecting with them there”.

Written by Bernice Abuan