Google confirms mobile usability will impact mobile rankings

It’s no surprise that people’s use of mobile devices extends far beyond friendly phone calls or professional correspondence. With the increased use of mobile devices to access the Internet, Google has committed to providing users with mobile-friendly web pages and apps through adaptive algorithms. Over the last couple of months we’ve kept you up to date with Google’s warnings and anticipated steps towards mobile-friendly sites for mobile searches. On February 26th Google announced that it would be extending the use of mobile-friendliness to ranking signals in mobile search results as of April 21st 2015.

This change should come as no surprise to anyone who’s kept up with hints the search engine giant has dropped like the introduction to mobile-friendly site criteria and the mobile friendly testing tool to help business’ determine whether or not their site meets Google’s mobile criteria. Despite the hints, Google had never actually come out to confirm future mobile usability and its effects on rankings, now it’s clear these changes will have a significant impact on mobile search results worldwide in all languages.

The two important changes are:

 Mobile-friendly websites in search results

Users will find it easier to access results optimized for their mobile devices that are nothing short of relevant and of high quality.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.08.28 AM



Relevant app content in search results

Google will use information from indexed apps as a factor for signed-in users with the app installed. You can expect to see content from these indexed apps more prominently in search results.

If you haven’t already, to make sure your site is still appearing in Google’s mobile search results after April 21st, put your site to the test using the mobile-friendly test tool. If your website passes you have nothing further do it, if it doesn’t however don’t fret. Google also provides you with recommended improvements to get your mobile ranking visibility back. Through the your Webmaster Tools account you will also be provided with a list of mobile usability issues across your site with the Mobile Usability Report.

Google continues to spoil us and providing everything exactly where and when we need it.



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