Google and Amazon to compete for online space

When you think of online marketplaces there is one giant that springs to mind and that’s Amazon. The online retailer has come a long way from their humble beginnings as an online bookstore to a modern powerhouse. While Amazon has been sitting at the top with little legitimate  competition that might soon change with Google’s recent moves into the digital retail space.


Users now have the option of shopping items directly from the Google search pages under the shopping tab, making it even easier for shoppers to make purchases through the platform. Like Amazon, Google shoppers can access multiple and shop from multiple retailers without even leaving the interface through the introduction of Shopping Actions and Google Express.


On the flipside, Amazon is encroaching on Google’s advertising space through their online marketplace. Amazon sellers have the option of utilising their pay per click (PPC) and Amazon Sponsored Product advertisements, which allow for products to feature at the top of Amazon search results.


While Amazon and Google haven’t overtaken their competition yet there will definitely be some fierce competition in the coming years considering how successful each brand has been at growing and developing their respective businesses.

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