With mobile search increasing search engines are providing their users with results based on geographic location. Groups & Franchises have a huge opportunity to increase their digital reach across a number of locations.

Franchise SEO ensures a uniformed strategy rolled out across an entire group of franchisees providing a consistent approach. SEO for franchises also provides an added level of control at head office over costing and performance with clear and measurable results over each account, displaying the value for the group.


In order to ensure consistent and sustained SEO and digital marketing it is recommended that franchise businesses operate their SEO from a top level through a singular agency. The key reason for this is that independently operated digital marketing campaigns can generate varying results and lead to a lack of cohesiveness within the franchise, ultimately damaging the brand name.

We have run group and franchise SEO in Australia, the UK and globally for companies ranging from hotels and restaurants to insurance brokers and HR professionals. 

We’ve managed retail or restaurant chains with 10 stores to national businesses with over 200 licensees so we have a great deal of experience in dealing with group level SEO on a wide scale. The Local SEO product is completely scalable and can be implemented on any level of group or franchise from a handful to hundreds so do consider how making your business prominent can boost your profile.

If you have a need for a tailored strategy please get in touch today and we can arrange a consultation to find out exactly how SEO Premier can benefit your group.


Get your group found locally for relevant searches to drive traffic and generate leads for your businesses.


Rather than have your group source their own SEO you can keep your businesses under the same umbrella.


By employing an SEO to service your group on bulk you can secure that work at hugely reduced rates.

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