Facebook to charge subscription fees for groups

Just when you thought the costs of your digital subscriptions couldn’t possibly get any higher Facebook decides to allow page admins the option of charging a monthly subscription fee to the group. Online subscriptions are almost non-negotiable for many of us with billing for Netflix, Spotify Premium and Audible charged monthly to our account.


And now it’s time to add Facebook Groups to that list of subscription costs. These fees are currently being tested on a select group of Facebook pages and will be rolled out permanently depending on audience feedback. Though we can’t imagine users would be too excited to be paying extra fees.


Facebook has claimed that this optional fee was introduced in order to support page administrators that manage communities with their efforts allowing pages to grow and flourish.


It’s an exciting new for page admins though as it presents them an opportunity to generate income that supports the engagement and growth of their page whilst providing an improved user experience to members.


The costs of these memberships have not yet been released but if you’re particularly fond of a particular Facebook page you might find yourself adding another expense to your ‘Digital Subscriptions’ budget.

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