Erase your business’ e-waste

This Christmas, there will be a lot of fancy, new electronics, and bright gadgets in the hands of hands young and old. We like new technology, and we buy new electronics when our old ones don’t work anymore. But don’t forget that this Christmas, be responsible with your technology.

A report by the United Nations has estimated that by 2017, e-waste will have grown by 33%.

But what is e-waste? It is old technology that is in “disrepair, obsolete, or replaced by a newer model”.

This year, Clean Up Australia announced that a staggering 88% of annually bought televisions and computers, a total of 7 million electronics, would end up in landfill. Sadly, only 40% of computers, and 11% of mobile phones are recycled which leaves our technological pursuits leaking deadly amounts of mercury, arsenic, and cadmium in the Australian soil.

Furthermore in Australia, 1.8 million computers are currently sitting in storage, and 5.3 million have been unused for such a long period of time that they have gathered dust.

But what can your businesses and households do?

  • Recycle your electronics that can no longer be fixed.
  • Donate your unused electronics to local schools so that younger generations have the equipment to learn.
  • Set up an e-waste system at your business.
  • Have specialised companies

And there are plenty of services that collect and recycle your e-waste for you. Just give them a call, or email and do your bit to ensure new gadgets for the kids doesn’t ruin the planet they live.


Here are a few businesses to help clear your E-waste:

E Waste Australia

Oz Recycle


Sims Recycling Services

MRI E-Cycle Solutions

Written by Bernice Abuan