Your customers are all online. Where are you?!

Instagram has recently announced it has opened its platform to advertisers who can now “support both brand awareness and direct response objectives, including website clicks, mobile app installs and video views. And soon Instagram ads bought through the same tools will be available with more objectives, including website conversions.” This means that harder to engage demographics, especially ones the highest projected profitable consumers, can be communicated with more thoroughly for the benefit of both the brand and the consumer.

Instagram Advertising is an important development for brands to reach younger demographics that draw an importance to sharing, following trends, and being immersed in technology. The 18-34 year old demographic has the largest amount of purchases per time period, most spending in relation to their income, and the highest user interaction with brands, and most importantly, is characterized by their insatiable desire to share and connect.

Keeping in mind that 55% of all Australian shopping done online being active and relatable on social media is vital.

29% of all online Australian shoppers follow their favorite stores and brands on social media where they are kept up date on promotions, see influencers using the items or services, and are provided with inspiration for purchases,

For effective advertising and engagement, a company must reach audiences on multiple platforms and no longer is traditional media enough to gain the upper hand against competitors, exceed KPI’s, and exceed profit expectations.

Advertise where they’ll see, and speak to them where they will hear. With 57% of their conversations being digital, it is vital that brands integrate and invest in online opportunities and forums of exchange to their business model.

Instagram Advertising allows brands to be in the consumers mind in the moments that they are ignoring traditional advertising and investing in personal time by going online.

With over 400 million monthly active users, with 75% outside the US, gaining and developing an increase of Social Capital on Instagram is important for every business.

Having Social Capital also shows potential customers and clients that your brand understands your consumers, can engage in an interesting form of two-way communication, and has the creative and social capacity to facilitate the emotional and mental needs of customers, not just material pursuit.

Aside from using Facebook’s Power Editor to create Instagram Campaigns, to gain a social media following, and high user engagement, contracting the help of Social Media Influencers fosters an ongoing exchange of photos, ideas, and interest through content contribution to a vast population.

Research shows that Social Media Influencers have surpassed their traditional counterparts reach of influence as they have the power to change brand perception and increase brand awareness. By showing their day-to-day activities, discussing topics with followers, engaging in others posts, Social Media Influencers have surpassed the social trust engrained in word-of-mouth advertising, onto their respective platforms.

SEO Premier is able to brainstorm, plan, create, and schedule relevant, and interesting content for brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages to best engage their target demographics. With a large array of accounts and contacts on Social Media, SEO Premier can guide your brand on where to invest, how to invest, and show the online world your real world values and offerings.

Written by Bernice Abuan