Content; Search Engines vs. Users

It’s a common question when explaining the logistics of content marketing within an SEO campaign.

Are the articles we write tailored for the search engine or for the potential customer?

Is it as simple as writing for one or the other or are the two interlinked is usually my counter question. The days of stuffing your content with keyword dense literature are gone and it’s widely known it now will have an adverse effect on your position. Whilst the search engine is still ultimately just a database of information it’s important not to underestimate the level of advance in it’s algorithmic decisions.

Content mills made a living out of providing basic copy for SEO’s who hunted large volumes of cheap, bog standard copy.  A few cents/pence per word, give them your article topic, the keywords you want dropping in there and your done. These platforms now offer premium copy and any SEO worth their salt wouldn’t deal with any less.

At SEO Premier we went one further and hired. We have resources in-house to continually distribute high quality copy specific to our clients needs meaning we get excellent content for user authorship which in turn creates a positive signal to the search engine.

If you write great content it gives value to your pages, it provokes a user reaction be that click through, customer feedback or social sharing. These are user reactions which qualify a site with a search engine so by tailoring your content to the user you are indirectly pandering (mind the pun) to the search engine and improving your ranking potential.

You often hear such cliches banded around search conversations such as ‘content is king’ which is one of those sayings which makes makes my breakfast come up for air. This is no longer true, just having content isn’t enough for a search engine and the thought process that you slap some text on your page and it will rank is dormant.

The way search engines categorize your site content within it’s index is far more complex as we move into 2014 than it was at the turn of the year and if value on content isn’t placed as a priority in the make up of your SEO campaign today then it will be a long year ahead.

To summarize after 400 words of inexplicable rambling I think the point trying to be made is that if you write great content it’s accessible by all mediums be that search engine or user. What’s appealing to the user is exactly what the search engine is looking for in a piece of content.

So forget keyword density percentages and rewriting the annals of time to try and fit into a sentence your 16th keyword which flows off the tongue as comfortably as my breakfast after hearing ‘content is king’ for the 16th time this morning. Just focus of writing great content which is relevant to your topic and you’ll be rewarded.

Thanks for reading and please excuse the numerous references to vomit in this blog.


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