Content Marketing – What is it?

Within digital circles you may now often hear marketers referring to content marketing or content distribution. Thankfully the search engine gods have much more quality focused algorithm and old school methods of gaining citations are back in. Language and literature and the dish of the day and if you can find yourself a young Shakespeare to employ within your ranks them get them in as content is most certainly king once again.

The focus on ‘links’ within an SEO campaign is still hugely important but it is not so much quantity now but quality. Google will trace your link profile and add value accordingly to determine your search engine ranking but the value of a well written piece of content is now rich.

Here are types of ‘links’ which depend on good, quality content:

1. Guest Blogging – Creating our own blogs is one way of building search engine friendly content but guest posts on authoritative blogs can yield big results. It’s important to ensure the quality of blog post is high to gain to citation and to reflect positively on the client.

2. Article sites – The very nature of article sites for posting information is the need for good content. Writing an article about a client’s company or their service range must reflect positively and also provide value for the search engine in order to gain the link.

3. PR sites – In the same way as posting an article gains a citation a press release has the same effect with the quality of content vitally important to not only get our message across coherently but also to keep our link profile rich in value.

4. Forum Posts – Entering into consumer conversation well literary correct content whilst at the same time gaining a link is a skill and well written text provides that platform to perform.

Creating directory links en-masse is no longer the way to achieve sustainable results with the focus now very much on content. This is turn for the better with quality work yielding the best results as it should be. At SEO Premier we place huge importance in the level of literary output for our clients and take great please in achieving result after result on the back of natural, ethical methods.

To find out more about out content marketing and copywriting services please feel free to contact to team today for more information.

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