Complete Social Media ban, Jail, and Melbourne cafe shamed online

Don’t post me on your blog!

This Tuesday in New York, Michael Kors will be unveiling his Resort Collection to a see of the media, celebrities, bloggers, and social media influencers. But you won’t see it on social media!

The fashion designer has banned social media at his event. I repeat, he has banned social media.

Only five photos set to be released during the event, with the rest of the collection a mystery until October, unless you were invited of course!

His reason?

“We feel our clients and fans will love getting a sneak peek of the collection as opposed to inundating them with too much imagery too soon. Ultimately, this is all about creating more excitement when the product is available.”

Fair enough, but will it do more harm than good?

Toothpaste put several people in jail

In Russia this month, Andrei Bubeyev, a forty year old man was sentenced to two years behind bars for sharing a photo to his 12 friends of a toothpaste tube that read “Squeeze Russia out of yourself!”

He was jailed due to the 2002 Russian law that criminalised extremist behaviour which undermines Russia’s security or constitutional order, or glorifies terrorism or racism. In 2015, fifty-four others were jailed for alleged hate speech, most of which was done online.

Bubeyev’s wife has since said, “His page wasn’t popular – he only had 12 friends. He couldn’t have aimed to coerce anyone into anything.”

Melbourne, really?

A cafe in Abbotsford, Melbourne has gone viral online for serving deconstructed coffee. Thats right – one beaker of steamed milk, one beaker of water, and one beaker of espresso.

Writer Jamilia Rizvi ordered a coffee at The Kitchen in Abbotsford and immediately posted a photo online saying: “I just waited almost 20 minutes for an actual cup, before realising it would not be forthcoming. Sorry Melbourne but no. No no no no no. I wanted a coffee. Not a science experiment. Hipsterism has gone too far when your coffee comes deconstructed.”

Since Tuesday, the photo has been viewed over 2 million times, with over 22,000 reactions on Facebook.

The cafe manager Lisa Wearmouth has rejected these claims that her deconstructed coffee was hipsterism, but giving people what they want. “Generally, people want to choose how much milk they want to put in that coffee. I’m quite a coffee snob myself and I find myself asking for more milk, or more water. I don’t think it’s [hipsterism] going too far, just catering for what people want.”

She further stated that the media coverage was just “white noise. Enjoy it, laugh at it, make a witty sarcastic comment if you must, and then – move on”.

Written by Bernice Abuan