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Yelp goes up against Google with antitrust charges

It’s no secret that Google is a major player in the world of search, and while search engines aren’t necessarily a monopoly the phrase ‘Google it’ is far more commonly used than ‘Bing it’. So it comes to no surprise that some brands are feeling cornered by Goolge’s dominance in the search sphere, with companies such as Yelp claiming that Google has abused its power within search.

EU proposes copyright legislation and #JonBenetRamsey

In the era of traditional media, it was much easier to claim ownership of your content, with the advent of the Internet age; this line of mine/yours becomes much more blurred. Content creators are increasingly concerned with the rate at which their material is being shared and utilised without permission or compensation.

Weekly Update: Go Get Plonked + Suite 360

Let’s welcome into the world the new search engine Plonked. While it isn’t going to be a super powerhouse like Google, it does serve an important function in the world, and your business better get onboard.

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