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How to: ROI tracking  

hen making an investment towards your business there is always the expectation of receiving returns, which is why returns on investment (ROI) tracking is so important. Sometime businesses can be discouraged when they don’t see a change in their dollar figures after an investment, but ROI is much more than money coming in.

The top 3 social media practices to avoid

Social media is an invaluable business tool that can promote brand awareness at little to no cost. While it is one of the most affordable marketing campaigns it is not fool proof. SEO and social media are similar in that they are constantly changing, with new trends emerging as quickly as old ones phase out.

Snapchat loses its snapstreak

When Snapchat became public earlier this year, they closed the market 44% higher than their initial IPO of $17 to $24.48 but it appears that this high hasn’t lasted very long for Snap Inc. It’s now 8 months since their successful breakout onto the markets and things seem to have gone downhill.

The Snap streak of Wall Street

Forget Jordan Belfort! Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have finally arrived. The co-founders of the popular app Snapchat have finally made their company public by placing it on the New York Stock Exchange.

Top 3 mistakes marketers make when investing in influencers

The rise of the ‘influencer’ has been significant in the past few years as bloggers, Instagrammers and Youtubers are becoming increasingly popular vehicles for brand advertisement. These influencers are not models or actors but rather everyday people who have gained a following on their respective platform based on specialised skills or expertise knowledge.

SEO’s walk down 2016 memory lane

Though most of us are ready to part ways and say goodbye – let’s talk a quick walk down memory lanes together and reminisce the crazy year that was 2016. The year that Trump became president elect and the entire globe mourned the death of a gorilla for 6 months too long.

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