Sometimes, less really is more in SEO

Often times we hear that it’s more important to have one good expensive winter coat that will last you a few years rather than a cheaper coat that needs to be replaced each Winter. While this principle holds true for so many purchases, such as appliances, homewares or technology we don’t always apply it to SEO.

Get your SEO priorities straight

SEO is complicated. There is no easy way to say it. With websites being ranked using numerous algorithms against hundreds of factors it can be hard to focus on what’s important. It would be almost impossible to focus on every ranking factor out there and while working with algorithms is second nature it doesn’t make keeping up any easier.

How to take advantage of your SEO agency

We’ve discussed before that offloading your SEO to a professional and experienced SEO agency is one of the best investments you could possibly make towards your business. A successful SEO campaign can lead to increased enquires, sales and brand awareness, which are all great improvements.

How to: ROI tracking  

hen making an investment towards your business there is always the expectation of receiving returns, which is why returns on investment (ROI) tracking is so important. Sometime businesses can be discouraged when they don’t see a change in their dollar figures after an investment, but ROI is much more than money coming in.

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