Yelp goes up against Google with antitrust charges

It’s no secret that Google is a major player in the world of search, and while search engines aren’t necessarily a monopoly the phrase ‘Google it’ is far more commonly used than ‘Bing it’. So it comes to no surprise that some brands are feeling cornered by Goolge’s dominance in the search sphere, with companies such as Yelp claiming that Google has abused its power within search.

Have you received your mobile-first index email?

Google has officially sent out emails to notify webmasters that their sites are now enabled for mobile-indexing. The search engine giant has been placing a significant emphasis on mobile for some time now so it’s no surprise that mobile indexing has begun rolling out but it does mean that it might be time to whip your website into mobile shape.

EU cracks down on Google

The EU wants Google to dish all their dirty secrets in the spirit of transparency. Europe is ahead of the rest of the world in their digital interventions spurred by a wave of privacy concerns, which have resulted in digital legislation targeted at protecting the public.

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