Mark Zuckerberg apologises for data leak

If you don’t know the lead up to this apology, firstly – where have you been? And secondly – do you somehow not communicate with the outside world? For those that are a story behind, Facebook has come under immense scrutiny over the past few days after a data firm, Cambridge Analytica (with ties to the 2016 Trump presidential campaign) managed to access data of 50 million users. Yes, million.

Facebook to takeover Yelp?

More and more consumers are using platforms like Yelp and Foursquare to make purchasing decisions, whether it’s looking for the best Thai restaurant in the area or an amazing hair stylist. And like everything that becomes popular Facebook has announced their take on it.

Facebook under heat for political advertising  

Facebook has made no attempt to hide their battle against fake news that was awash the social media platform during the 2016 USA presidential election. While Facebook has always been platform where individuals are able to share their views it was the events of that 2016 that turned the site into a political conversation hub.

SEO’s walk down 2016 memory lane

Though most of us are ready to part ways and say goodbye – let’s talk a quick walk down memory lanes together and reminisce the crazy year that was 2016. The year that Trump became president elect and the entire globe mourned the death of a gorilla for 6 months too long.

Google gets real-(time) and another Twitter triumph

We’ve all been there; a new bar/restaurant/café has just opened up and having poured over dozens of reviews you finally decide to go. After getting dressed up and making the journey there, you arrive only to see that 40 other people have had the same idea and you are left on an hour-long waiting list. Definitely not how you expected your night to go.

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