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SEO’s walk down 2016 memory lane

Though most of us are ready to part ways and say goodbye – let’s talk a quick walk down memory lanes together and reminisce the crazy year that was 2016. The year that Trump became president elect and the entire globe mourned the death of a gorilla for 6 months too long.

Google gets real-(time) and another Twitter triumph

We’ve all been there; a new bar/restaurant/café has just opened up and having poured over dozens of reviews you finally decide to go. After getting dressed up and making the journey there, you arrive only to see that 40 other people have had the same idea and you are left on an hour-long waiting list. Definitely not how you expected your night to go.

Fake ads in and fake news out

Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses and marketers. This is due to changes that are occurring in consumer spending behaviours and as a result, mobile advertising accounts for almost half of digital advertising spending.

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