Amazon’s Alexa is the new Marriott concierge

Staying at hotels can be a pretty disconcerting experience, normally you’re in a foreign or unknown city, which means you have very little local knowledge and need to get your bearings. But the hotel chain Marriott is making this experience easier for travellers by partnering with Amazon to put Echo devices in their rooms.

Amazon hit with a flux of fake reviews

Reviews are becoming more and more important to both businesses and consumers. Whether you’re looking for your next dinner reservation, a new TV or even a car the first thing we tend to do is look for reviews and see what other consumers are saying. Reviews can have a greater impact on a purchase decision than advertising or marketing efforts.

Amazon Australia launches to lukewarm reception  

For anyone that has ever consumed any sort of American content, whether it’s a YouTube video, TV show or article knows that Amazon is a big deal. An online marketplace where you can find almost anything at greatly discounted prices which are delivered to your door in a matter of days – what more could you want?

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