Maximise your AdWords potential

A lot of changes are being made to Google’s AdWords but the Ad Rank rollout isn’t the only update that Google is making in this department. The latest development that Google has unveiled is the ‘Maximise Conversions’ option.

Just Maps it

The phrase ‘Google it’ has become so imbedded in contemporary language that it is the answer and solution to many questions and problems. There’s no secret that Google is the alpha search engine so don’t be surprised if the phrase ‘Google Maps it’ becomes just as common.

SEO’s walk down 2016 memory lane

Though most of us are ready to part ways and say goodbye – let’s talk a quick walk down memory lanes together and reminisce the crazy year that was 2016. The year that Trump became president elect and the entire globe mourned the death of a gorilla for 6 months too long.

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