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Google Groundhog Day. Algorithm changes, every day.

And if you don’t know, now you know! Google releases one, (if not more) updates to their algorithm ...
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Your site ranking has just plummeted, here’s what to do next!

Achieving those high rankings on Google is a pretty long, arduous journey that can be full of twists ...
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Sometimes, less really is more in SEO

Often times we hear that it’s more important to have one good expensive winter coat that will last ...
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Facebook to charge subscription fees for groups

Just when you thought the costs of your digital subscriptions couldn’t possibly get any higher Facebook decides to ...
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IGTV to take on YouTube

There’s no denying the Mark Zuckerberg is king of social media. With Facebook and Instagram under his belt, ...
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Amazon’s Alexa is the new Marriott concierge

Staying at hotels can be a pretty disconcerting experience, normally you’re in a foreign or unknown city, which ...
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