Amazon’s Alexa is the new Marriott concierge

Staying at hotels can be a pretty disconcerting experience, normally you’re in a foreign or unknown city, which means you have very little local knowledge and need to get your bearings. But the hotel chain Marriott is making this experience easier for travellers by partnering with Amazon to put Echo devices in their rooms.


This Alexa for Hospitality service is currently open to other hospitality providers and is designed to seamlessly connect with hotel amenities to act as a ‘virtual concierge’ for guests. This digital assistant presents a wide range of opportunities for both the guests and providers as it creates a faster, more convenient hotel service.


According to Amazon some of the Alexa for Hospitality capabilities include “playing music, ordering towels, controlling in-room temperature or lighting, finding local restaurants and attractions, calling, and even checking out.” With an additional upcoming feature to allow guests to connect to their Amazon account.


Hospitality providers are able to customise their Alexa service so that guests are able to access amenities such as room service with just their voice.


Marriott will start rolling out the Echo devices over the next few months at a select number of their chains.

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