Amazon hit with a flux of fake reviews

Reviews are becoming more and more important to both businesses and consumers. Whether you’re looking for your next dinner reservation, a new TV or even a car the first thing we tend to do is look for reviews and see what other consumers are saying. Reviews can have a greater impact on a purchase decision than advertising or marketing efforts.


So it would make sense that businesses want good reviews. It turns out that some people want these good reviews so badly that they’re willing to pay for them. Amazon has made strides in the past to monitor the reviews that consumers post to ensure they are all honest and reliable.


But a recent report by the Washington Post has revealed that more and more paid reviews are emerging on the online marketplace with some sellers offering reviewers financial compensation for leaving positive reviews.


According to the article, many of these reviews originated on Facebook where sellers use Facebook groups to find individuals that will write reviews for some form of compensation. Some product categories experienced more fraudulent reviews than others with categories such as ‘Bluetooth speakers’ finding more than 50% of reviews are fake/paid.


Amazon hasn’t commented on the issue yet or announced a solution but it might be worth doing further research online when making purchases.

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