AdWords monitoring made mobile

As the business world becomes progressively more mobile with everything from responding to consumer enquiries to marketing being accomplished over a smartphone, it has been a real tragedy that the ability to manage digital campaigns has long been overlooked. Fortunately for industry professionals, the days of process working and campaign monitoring while chained to your desk are over. This past week’s recent developments have been the source of great and long anticipated excitement as on March 4th Google announced an Android app available in the Play store enabling advertisers the ability to access and manage ad campaign performance while on the go.

In Google’s first worldwide native app, users will have the ability to keep an eye on AdWords campaigns to ensure they’re running smoothly no matter where their days take them. Upon accessing the app users will be greeted by a dashboard highlighting the campaigns primary metrics, which include: clicks, costs, impressions, and conversions. These metrics can be further evaluated by ad group, day of the week as well as device. Additionally you can make changes to campaign aspects such as keyword bids and budget if you notice a campaign budget is maxing out to ensure you don’t lose out on any built up momentum and potential sales.


As ad campaigns are subject to change in as little as a couple seconds, the app will also notify advertisers of any changes in campaign performance and provide customized suggestions in real-time to amend at their discretion allowing them a more efficient and strategic approach to their digital campaigns. Furthermore, should the need arise, the app also allows and encourages users to reach out to a Google expert for advice.

The AdWords app is currently only available to existing Google AdWords users and to devices supporting the Android 4.0 or later operating system. Apple users need not get too worked up as despite no specific projected date of availability, the app is rumored to be available soon on iOS devices.