Your customer’s opinion will make you rich

Odds are your company needs to care more about what your customers think. Why? Your customer’s opinion will make you rich.

Let’s take a step back and think of how they became your customer in the first place.

Maybe they saw an advertisement you posted. They liked the colours, template, and trusted in your guarantee that you can fulfil their need. Perhaps they heard about you from someone they knew who spoke about your company in a way that made them trust that the word on the street was true. What did those two scenarios have in common?


Customer testimonials are essential to substantially increasing trust in potential customers. They’re unbiased, highlight benefits, and increase traffic. Would you honestly buy something from a company that has no reviews, that nobody ever told you about, and you’ve never heard of? Probably not.

Just like the cloaked, ominous figure in a dark alleyway, you’ve got to see first that you should trust them before you will approach.

Have a Review Section

Enable comments on your articles, start a forum on the company website, and start up social media pages for your company. Provide avenues of discussion between your past, present, and future customers. Let them air out any discrepancies so that you can politely address their need, find a solution, and fix that problem so they are left with a better perception and see that you care about customer satisfaction. Having these avenues also allows positive reviews to spread and increase trust.

Imagine you are looking for a pizzeria online while on holiday and find three in your vicinity. The first has no reviews, the second has predominately negative reviews and no representative addressing these problems, and the third has a mixture of good and bad reviews with a company representative replying to the customers with thanks, apologies, and solutions. You would trust the third option.

Same goes with your company. Become a face you would trust.

Not only do you become more trustable, Cris Mukhtar of WikiJobs did an A/B Testing study on the effect testimonials have on websites. Mukhtar found that “testimonials increased sales by 34%.” Not just views, but sales.

Now you’re probably shaking your laptop in increasing excitement. “So how do you get these testimonials?!” you shout at your screen.

Just leave it to us at SEO Premier. We know what to do!


Written by Bernice Abuan