PPC Remarketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is more than just sticking an advert on Google and hoping that your customers click and purchase. There are many more complexities to a campaign which can be utilised for our clients benefit. One of these is remarketing.

Remarketing is a method of driving returning business which is so commonly used offline in so many varying ways.

How many times have you bought a book in which a $5 off voucher for your next purchase is slipped into the bag? Or you go to McDonalds during special offer time and win yourself a free burger for your next visit.

Of course you will go back to the shop a few weeks later and more often than not you’ll end up leaving with far more than just what was offered on the voucher.

It’s a way of drawing back customers knowing that the more you remain in the mind of the customer the greater chance you have of closing a sale.

So how do we take this thought process online?

When we take traffic to our website we have the chance to close a sale with each visit but of course that’s not always the case. But those visitors who browse and leave without providing any information to us, surely they can’t be lost forever. Well with remarketing display ads integrated into your PPC campaign we can remain in front on the lost visitor and draw them back to the site.

How many times have you visited a website and then you go onto YouTube to watch a video only to be greeted by a plastering of ads for that site you visited earlier?

This is remarketing with display ads, you are staying in the face of the customer and reminding them that even though they chose to leave your website we are still here and here is an incentive to come back for a second look.
Driving returning business naturally holds a much higher conversion rate from visit to sale than a first time visitor meaning the potential for a return on investment with a remarketing display ad campaign is much higher than a standard search ad campaign.

You can even go one further with YouTube and create small videos which can be played during the pre-video advert meaning you can pitch your business in video as well as still print displayed ads.

PPC Advertising has such huge potential to drive your business forward and create huge revenues with innovative ways of marketing to your customers. Many providers choose to ignore this potential simply using software to run your ads each day and generate clicks for you. At SEO Premier we have in-house PPC experts who will manually strategize and run your ads on a daily basis be that search, display or video.

Get the most out of your PPC budget today by contacting SEO Premier for a campaign assessment.

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