2019 Digital Marketing Wrap

It’s definitely getting closer to that time of year again! Holiday season is upon us and as the year of 2019 comes to an end, we have been looking back at some of the changes that happened in the digital marketing world.

In celebrating a crazy year, we thought we’d give you a recap of highlights throughout 2019. From minor algorithm changes to major turning points in the digital landscape, this year has definitely been a big one. So, let’s look back at the year that was shall we?


Ah yes, Google had a laugh with us this year. Each year, Google helps (or doesn’t) with SEO marketing by updating the overall algorithm. With five updates to Google’s search algorithms this year, it was crucial for us to keep on track with updating client SEO & content marketing. Constantly revising our strategy when running client campaigns has tested us, but with such great results in the end, we know we stayed right on track!

The first update (The Valentine’s Day Update) happened on Feb 13th, 2019. We didn’t hear much about this one, but from what we did, it was positive news regarding better changes in rankings. There was minimal evidence when this updated occurred, but many noticed some minor updates.

On March 12th, 2019 (The March 2019 Core Update) there was a release of a global core algorithm update. In a broad core algorithm update, Google doesn’t really focus or fix anything. It is more of an improvement to better understand searches and webpages, basically to improve user satisfaction by providing a more accurate result to what they’re looking for. Compared to the anticipation it received, not much changed with the update. To help with our client websites, we focused more on relevance related factors.

Google tweeted their June 2019 Core Update on June 3rd. Again, nothing really to fix, just a quick update to improve relevance. Google proved to us that it isn’t about the most “authoritative” sites anymore, as The Daily Mail UK news site suffered some major traffic declines. Another website, CCN.com, a bitcoin news website also saw major decrease and their “daily revenue was down by more than 90%”. We worked through this by not thinking about “what to fix” but more so what is on our client websites that “may not be relevant to users anymore”. Just a quick tweak in our eyes!

Another Broad Core Update Algorithm Updated occurred in September. This update reassessed web content and focused on providing the best possible content to the top for a more efficient user experience. Google didn’t release any further instructions about the update.

Last but not least, the BERT, standing for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (a mouthful, we know) update on the 25th of October. Google claimed that this will be the biggest change to Google search in the past 5 years! In hope to better understand search queries, the BERT model addressed both search rankings and featured snippets. It was focused on language queries, more so conversational queries. Google said that “BERT is able to understand the nuance and context of words in searches.” Now, don’t stress! This doesn’t mean BERT will help webpages that are poorly written, it only means it better analyse what the user is searching for.

Email Marketing

2019 saw a major lift in personalised digital marketing, especially EDMs. Email marketing remains one of the most significant tools in digital advertising. With an average expected ROI of $32 for every $1 you spend on email marketing, why wouldn’t you invest in EDMs? This year, a rise of personalisation and dynamic content hit our emails. Tailored emails were sent out to diverse markets based on customer behaviour. Automation was increased to a higher scale and we were able to expose our clients to a wider audience. With the growth of “quality over quantity” we stuck close to the rule that less is more and made our EDMs super simple and easily clickable. Heaps of positive results thanks to email marketing this year!

Web Design

Live chats – the addition we didn’t know we NEEDED. Live chats (or live support) have been on the rise this year and now, almost every product selling or service offering website has some sort of live chat or chatbot customers can interact with. This helpful tool has been used (and maybe abused) to crazy amounts however all in all, it’s been a positive experience. Live chats are used when customers have questions that can be easily answered without sending through an email or calling the business or service. They can provide a quick answer to customers exactly like a text message.  

If your staff are way too busy to dedicate a team to responding to queries, it would be great to invest in a chatbot. An automated system that will assess the customers question and answer accordingly.  

Social Media

What a year it’s been for socials! The use of Instagram stories may or may not have been overdone this year, but boy did it work! No one really ever noticed how significant an Instagram story could be. Basically, a reminder for all your followers at the top of their news feed that your business is active, alive and doing great things. Imagine the growth with one story a day, that’s a constant reminder every day! What better way to grab attention, share a new post, and potentially have a larger exposure of your business?

WOW! So, there you have it! 2019 wrapped up PERFECTLY, and what a year it’s been. We are so excited for the year ahead of us and can’t wait to continue working with our fantastic clients. We have seen some great results this year and we will continue to smash goals next year!

If you are interested in working with us, understanding what we do or have a quick question about anything digital marketing related be sure to contact us either via our website, email or number.

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