International runways, brand advertisement campaigns, television shows, and your daughter’s social media dashboards are being filled with Social Media Influencers.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the 14-25 year old demographic is characterised by their insatiable desire to share, and stay ‘in the loop’ with current pop culture. We’re always on our phones, always on social media, and debatably, nearly always care that we somehow fit inside a societal norm in some ways. With these desires, comes an increasingly large fee to collaborate with high profile Social Media users that can influence an increase in sales, brand awareness, and positive brand image.

With word-of-mouth advertising being the most trusted form of advertising in the eyes of the consumer, the money is being given influential users to spread the word about brands.

Just like British Vlogging sensation, and Global Beauty Entrapaneur, Zoe Sugg, otherwise known as Zoella, the younger generations are making big money just by posting online. Zoella and her partner bought a multi-million dollar home a few months earlier with their earnings through Social Media.

Posting on platforms such as Instagram, is one of the easiest and lucrative ways for young people with a large amount of followers, and high user engagement, to get cash quick just by doing what they always do online.

Influencers get sent out samples, write reviews, pose for photographic collaborations, are provided free return airfare and luxury hotel stays, get invited to exclusive parties and events, and partner with brands for exciting giveaways and competitions.

One of the best examples is half Australia, half Trinidadian Tammy Hembrow, who has made a great name for herself on Instagram. With over 5.7m followers, 200,000-500,000 likes and thousands of comments per photo, this fitness and beauty icon ranks in a minimum $2000AUD * per photo advertisement. Miss Hembrow has also recently started another Instagram account dedicated to providing fitness tips, demonstrations, and healthy food options for a one-time fee of $40AUD.

There are also entire agencies dedicated to managing Social Media Influencers. Examples include Instabrand, Socialyte, Adly, Evolve!, and Contagious.

With influencers under 100,000 followers, they can make a few hundred dollars per post, with the fees significantly increasing for every 100,000 followers a user has. While most of the influencers fees are secret until provided with business enquiries, it is known that some are making thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars for one featured post. For a teenager or twenty-something who is juggling school and a part-time job, making $500 for posting a photo of you holding a sample bag of tea, its no wonder why there is a noticeable avalanche of Influencer posts on brands.


Is this the future of advertising? Does it work? Comment below and let me know.

*This fee may have changed due to increasing follower count.


Written by Bernice Abuan