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Google Settings update gives users more ad discretion

As consumers we’re faced with intrusive advertising on a daily basis, from the moment you wake up and turn on the radio to the late evening you power down in the evening with some television. Not to mention all the other times in between.


Whether it’s social media influencers, sponsored posts, re-targeting ads or pop-ups there’s way to escape. Despite how hard you may try to turn a blind eye, advertising is pretty inescapable.


Part of the reason we’re so bombarded is that brands pay platforms like Facebook and Google pretty big bucks to showcase their goods and services. So it comes as a surprise that Google is introducing a feature that allows consumers to shut out some of those advertisements.


With its updated Ad Settings Google users have the option of turning off certain ad targeting signals that advertisers use, such as age and interests, making these consumers less likely to see similar future advertisements.


As a consumer it’s pretty great to see more options to control our digital experience but what this change means for advertisers is yet to be seen, after all, some users may not even bother with the process of adjusting their settings at all.

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Google tackles scammers and protects small businesses

response to a continued fight against scammers, Google has announced a new set of initiatives to combat false representations.

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Yelp goes up against Google with antitrust charges

It’s no secret that Google is a major player in the world of search, and while search engines aren’t necessarily a monopoly the phrase ‘Google it’ is far more commonly used than ‘Bing it’. So it comes to no surprise that some brands are feeling cornered by Goolge’s dominance in the search sphere, with companies such as Yelp claiming that Google has abused its power within search.

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New YouTube feature lets you know how much time you spend watching videos

For many digital platforms, a key objective is to keep users around for as long as possible. Whether it’s Netflix’s automatic start to the next episode of your series or the blue light that inhibits your melatonin productions, the aim of the game is to keep you around.

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Have you received your mobile-first index email?

Google has officially sent out emails to notify webmasters that their sites are now enabled for mobile-indexing. The search engine giant has been placing a significant emphasis on mobile for some time now so it’s no surprise that mobile indexing has begun rolling out but it does mean that it might be time to whip your website into mobile shape.

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YouTube updates TrueView optimisation

YouTube has now rolled out a new advertising algorithm that allows for more effective advertising based on reach.

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Google and Amazon to compete for online space

When you think of online marketplaces there is one giant that springs to mind and that’s Amazon.

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EU cracks down on Google

The EU wants Google to dish all their dirty secrets in the spirit of transparency. Europe is ahead of the rest of the world in their digital interventions spurred by a wave of privacy concerns, which have resulted in digital legislation targeted at protecting the public.

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Google Home to speak 30 languages in 2018

Your personal assistant has just up-skilled. And no, you didn’t hire a highly organised and efficient member of your team that you don’t know about.

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The fast and the furious: WordPress edition

It’s no secret that Google has placed a renewed emphasis on speed, particularly with mobile and AMP. With the process underway as mobile-first indexing is in full swing for 2018 they are now turning their attention to WordPress.

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