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Your site ranking has just plummeted, here’s what to do next!

Achieving those high rankings on Google is a pretty long, arduous journey that can be full of twists and turns. That’s partly due to the fact that Google’s algorithms change seemingly overnight and without warning.

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Sometimes, less really is more in SEO

Often times we hear that it’s more important to have one good expensive winter coat that will last you a few years rather than a cheaper coat that needs to be replaced each Winter. While this principle holds true for so many purchases, such as appliances, homewares or technology we don’t always apply it to SEO.

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Facebook to charge subscription fees for groups

Just when you thought the costs of your digital subscriptions couldn’t possibly get any higher Facebook decides to allow page admins the option of charging a monthly subscription fee to the group.

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IGTV to take on YouTube

There’s no denying the Mark Zuckerberg is king of social media. With Facebook and Instagram under his belt, Zuckerberg owns two of the most popular platforms, with updated features such as Instagram stories eclipsing the likes of Snapchat.


But the one thing missing from Zuckerberg’s kingdom was a video-sharing and viewing platform, such as YouTube. That was until a few days ago. Instagram has just unveiled their latest update – IGTV, which isn’t as much an update but it’s own independent app.


IGTV allows users to upload and view long-form videos, differing it from the existing short-form Instagram story format. Instagram’s for IGTV is clear, they’re looking to compete with YouTube as they encourage Instagram influencers to create content on their latest platform.


Instagram has announced this week that they now have 1 billion active users, making them the fastest growing social network. So there’s no denying that YouTube with its 1.3 billion active users has some pretty serious competition.


IGTV is still in its early stages so we’re yet to see it’s full potential, but this new app is definitely one to watch.

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Amazon’s Alexa is the new Marriott concierge

Staying at hotels can be a pretty disconcerting experience, normally you’re in a foreign or unknown city, which means you have very little local knowledge and need to get your bearings. But the hotel chain Marriott is making this experience easier for travellers by partnering with Amazon to put Echo devices in their rooms.

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Google Settings update gives users more ad discretion

As consumers we’re faced with intrusive advertising on a daily basis, from the moment you wake up and turn on the radio to the late evening you power down in the evening with some television. Not to mention all the other times in between.


Whether it’s social media influencers, sponsored posts, re-targeting ads or pop-ups there’s way to escape. Despite how hard you may try to turn a blind eye, advertising is pretty inescapable.


Part of the reason we’re so bombarded is that brands pay platforms like Facebook and Google pretty big bucks to showcase their goods and services. So it comes as a surprise that Google is introducing a feature that allows consumers to shut out some of those advertisements.


With its updated Ad Settings Google users have the option of turning off certain ad targeting signals that advertisers use, such as age and interests, making these consumers less likely to see similar future advertisements.


As a consumer it’s pretty great to see more options to control our digital experience but what this change means for advertisers is yet to be seen, after all, some users may not even bother with the process of adjusting their settings at all.

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Getting to know your target audience

When it comes to marketing your brand one of the most important factors to consider is what audience you’re marketing to. Not only will it keep you within your budget but it also allows you to actually convert those leads that you’re generating.

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LinkedIn and Bing Maps partner up to make your commute easier

When searching for a new job there are a lot of factors to take into consideration – career growth, salary, workplace environment and your commute. No one wants to spend hours of their day sitting in traffic or jumping across different public transport networks.

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Google tackles scammers and protects small businesses

response to a continued fight against scammers, Google has announced a new set of initiatives to combat false representations.

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Yelp goes up against Google with antitrust charges

It’s no secret that Google is a major player in the world of search, and while search engines aren’t necessarily a monopoly the phrase ‘Google it’ is far more commonly used than ‘Bing it’. So it comes to no surprise that some brands are feeling cornered by Goolge’s dominance in the search sphere, with companies such as Yelp claiming that Google has abused its power within search.

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